It has been almost a century since the invaders from beyond the heavenly realms were beaten back beyond the stars. Since then, the kingdoms and empires of Eretzerra have learned much from the invader’s ruined machines. With their magic standardized and empowered by the invaders’ strange technology, the old kingdoms ascended into the heavenly spheres themselves and began a golden age of exploration, discovery, and conquest.

But as empires rise, so too must they fall. As the heavens turned, colonies split from their masters, guilds strangled innovation and trade, and savage raiders emerged from the vast abysses of space to raid and pillage the new enclaves of civilization. Were these the only threats, perhaps you would not have been called to the grand summit of heroes. But another calamity has come to pass: the cyclopean scourge from beyond the stars has returned after so many decades of scant contact, emboldened by a new weapon forged for the sole purpose of defeating the mystical forces that defeated them 100 years ago.

As a being born under the prophecized sign, it falls to you to prove whether you are one of the heroes foretold to bring peace to the Spheres, or to die in the attempt.

Starseige: War in the Heavens

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