For now, all armor from the core rules is available except for anything that costs “Mil”.

  • Flack Jackets cost $250 instead of $80.
  • Kevlar Vests cost $300 instead of $250.


  • Aethersuit: the design varies by the manufacturer, but all are designed to protect the wearer from the hazards of the Heavens.
    - Gives +2 armor
    - Hermetically sealed: wearer is immune to airborne dangers until the suit is breached (when the wearer takes a wound).
    - Covers entire body.
    - Costs $1000
  • Shielded Aethersuit: As above, but also grants wearer +2 to resist heat, cold, and aetheradiation. Costs $2000


Shield rules follow the section on shields in Savage Armory.


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