Character Creation


  1. Pick a Race for your character. If you want to play a Rakshasa or Kumokin, notify the GM.
  1. Follow the core rules character creation process using the racial mechanics of your chosen race as a starting point to create a rank 1 Novice character.
  1. Characters start with 500 ducats unless specified otherwise by edges/hindrances. Use that money to buy equipment from the Technology list.

House Rules

No Player vs. Player Just covering my bases. If it’s what your character would do, change your character.

Significant Items: Rather than a flat poundage encumbrance system, your character can hold, carry, or wear a number of Significant Items equal to one half their strength die without penalty. A significant item is any item that weighs 5-14 pounds. Each additional item above the limit gives a -1 encumbrance penalty. A character cannot carry more than a -3 penalty. The Brawny edge increases load limit by 50%, rounded up.

Born a Hero: There is a prophecy to be fulfilled… Because you have been born under a fated sign, you can ignore rank requirements of edges during character creation. You must still have any other edge or stat requirement fulfilled. The usual rules for rank requirements apply after your character is created.

Multiple Languages: You know a number of additional languages equal to half your smarts die.

Additional Edges

Armour Proficiency
Requirements: Novice, Strength d6, Vigor d6
You’re used to the weight and feel of armor, and may therefore ignore up to 3 significant items worth of encumbrance from worn armor.

Trademark Aethership
Requirements: Novice, Piloting d8+, Repair d8+, Shooting d8+
The character knows his ship like the back of his hand, and then some. When using one specific aethership, the character gains a +1 bonus to Piloting, Repair, and Shooting rolls. A character may take this Edge multiple times, but each time it must be applied to a different aethership. If a Trademark aethership is destroyed, stolen, or otherwise permanently removed from the game, the hero can switch this Edge to another ship, but it takes two weeks for the Edge to kick in.

One Man Crew
Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8+, Pilot d6+, Repair d6+, Shooting d6+
Operating multiple systems usually means moving about an aethership. The character may operate two different aethership systems (flying, gunnery, performing repairs, docking, systems warfare, or cloaking) each round without incurring a multi–action penalty.

Improved One Man Crew
Requirements: Heroic, One Man Crew
The character may operate three different aethership systems each round without incurring a multi–action penalty.

Deadeye Aethergunner
Requirements: Novice, Shooting d10+
Being able to take out enemy aetherships with a well aimed shot takes training and a good eye. This hero has both. In aethership combat, the character may modify his roll on the Critical Hit Table by 1 point either way, as he chooses. He does this after rolling the dice for the Critical Hit.

Aethership Navigator
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Pilot d6+
Getting from A to B in the Heavens can be extremely hazardous, especially when flying through dangerous areas. A trained navigator (one with this Edge) gets +2 to all Piloting rolls when navigating or avoiding hazards. A navigator who is not actually piloting may make a cooperative Piloting roll to aid a pilot in avoiding hazards by plotting optimal courses and searching for escape routes.

Other Materials

  • You can work with the DM to use Savage Abilities to create custom edges, hindrances, and powers for your character if the books don’t have what you’re envisioning.
  • You can take the Magic Weapon edge in the Savage Armory if you want to begin the game with an heirloom weapon from ancient times.
  • You can use Savage Arcanum to create your own unique Arcane Background

Character Creation

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