Until the Heavens were opened by the arrival of the Invaders, the Elves considered themselves to be the oldest and wisest of all the races. Elves are immortal, and claim they were personally created by the Gods in the ages before all other races, when the world was young. They explored the entire world, created massive civilizations, refined philosophy and magic to their pinnacles, then got bored and went to sleep. All of them. When they woke, they found that their civilizations had crumbled into dust, then the dust had crumbled into nothing and there were new races running amok on the world. At least, that’s what the elves themselves will tell you.

Serious scholars take these legends with a grain of salt, as to the other races, elves mysteriously appeared ten thousand years ago, and despite being immortal, failed to accomplish anything of note or even to form a stable society. Rather, they seem content to wander the earth as vagrants. The elves claimed it was because they had done and seen everything under the sun and were bored of eternal life. Needless to say, the first way and subsequent opening of the heavens has lit a fire in the souls of the ancient race as many strike out in search of novel experiences among the Spheres.

Racial Abilities

Adaptability: Elves seem to be as much a part of the landscape as the rocks and trees. When an elf has been in a biome for about a week, they become adapted to it. They get +4 to resist any environmental hazards associated with the biome, halve any penalties associated with the biome, they never treat the terrain as difficult ground, and they leave no trail as they pass through the landscape.

Ageless, Immortal: Elves receive a free d6 in two skills to represent their professions before they entered the elfsleep.

Timeless: Because they live forever, elves have no sense of urgency, even in pitched combat. They redraw any action card of 10 or higher until they get a lower card. Outside of combat, they are chronically tardy to engagements and procrastinators of the highest order. After all, they can always do it later.


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