For much of history, Goblins were considered the smaller, weaker, slave race of the marauding orc hordes. Their true relationship with their larger cousins is far more complex, but the details have been lost after the First War and the founding of the Undus Union. Within the Union, the Goblins are the premiere intellectuals, always searching for perfect implementation of equitable distribution of resources and improving Union technology to expand the union to the stars.

Racial Abilities

Clever: Goblins start with a d6 in smarts instead of a d4.
Level-Headed: Famous for their consideration of all angles, Goblins always aim for the best scenario. In combat they draw an additional action card and act on the best of the draw.
Improvisational Intellect: Goblins are master tinkers and easily improvise something when the need for a tool arises. They suffer no negative penalties for lack of equipment in most situations. Furthermore, a goblin with access to some simple tools and supplies can spend a benny to rig-together a one time use object to fill a specific need.
Small: Goblins stand only 4’ tall at the tallest. They take -1 to their toughness.
Scrawny: Goblins can never raise their strength past a d6.


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