The harpies are considered a tragic peoples by most in the Heavens. Before they could truly establish a civilization of their own, they were driven to slavery by the Lacademinoans, who use them as battlefield scouts and message runners. With technology replacing both those roles, however, the status of the harpies in the future is uncertain on Eliuna. Large communities have attempted to transplant themselves on other worlds where they might make a faction for their own peoples, but without any experience in the area most of these ventures quickly degrade into violent ghettos.

Racial Abilities.

Born to Fly: Harpies are completely at home in the air. They are capable of full flight with a pace of 10 and a climb of 1. They cannot hover.
Natural Weapons: Harpies have brutal talons that deal str+d6 damage.
Keen Eye: Harpies have very good vision. They get +2 to notice rolls involving vision.
Armless: Perhaps the largest contributer to their lack of advancement; harpies have no arms or hands to manipulate objects with. They are capable of grasping and carrying things with their clawed feet, but anything requiring dexterity such as wielding a weapon or using a device takes a -4 penalty.
Brittle: Harpies have hollow bones, reducing their toughness by 1.


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