Humans are the most common race in the Heavens, found on every planet except for Yuelo. On some planets they are conquerors, on others they are slaves, and on still more they are simply average citizens. Because of this, there is an incredible amount of diversity among them. Some humans interpret the fact that they are present on almost every world as evidence of human supremacy. Anti-human individuals liken their ubiquitous presence to a disease. Whatever one’s beliefs, it is undeniable that it is human’s universality that makes them unique.

Racial Abilities

  • Free Edge. Humans are highly adaptable and come from a variety of backgrounds. You get an extra edge at character creation – think about how your human’s unique background led to this ability.
  • Ubiquitous. Because there are so many different varieties of human in so many different places of the heavens, you may take this optional racial edge to represent further cultural specialization by your character. Use the race creation rules to pick one or more abilities with total points +2, then balance that out with hindrances with total points equal and opposite to your chosen abilities. Here are some cultural archetypes for example:

Helot of the Legion: Your character was once a slave in the Minoan Legion.

  • Brawny (+2): As a former slave, you’re used to carrying heavy loads.
  • Servile (-1): You’re used to following orders, not giving them.
  • Illiterate (-1): Slaves were never permitted to learn to read.

Sakkad Citizen: Born and raised on Sakkad, you’ve never been to the Heavens before now.

  • Heat Tolerant (+0.5): You’re used to the desert heat and get +2 on rolls to resist hot temperatures.
  • Cold Intolerant (-0.5): What is cold? You get -2 on rolls to resist it.

Quetzin Traitor: Good Luck not being shot on sight!

  • Nerves of Steel (+2): The Quetzin people are fanatically single-minded.
  • Bloodthirsty (-2): Blood for the blood god!


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