The Jotuns are called the Frost Giants by the Nassitauq because, in many ways, that is what they are. They are giant of stature, their skin is cold blue, and their breath does not steam for they are as cold as the icy clime of Jord. The giants are literally born of Frost. Sacred glaciers originating from the nexus of magic on Jord are carved into the shape of giants by the hands of a shaman in a special rite. When a giant dies in battle, one of these frozen statues becomes the vessel for their soul to re-incarnate.

Racial Abilities

Giant: These giants tower over even orcs and minoans, standing almost 10 feet tall. They start with a d8 in strength and an additional +2 toughness to reflect their size +2.
Berserk: Like a massive sheet of ice, the Jotun are known to crack suddenly and violently. All Jotun have the Berserk edge.
Cold as Ice: The Jotun are immune to cold effects, but they take -4 to resist heat effects and an extra d6 of damage from heat where applicable.
Exposed: A combination of underestimation and sheer size causes Jotun to have -1 parry when engaging foes of size 0 or smaller.


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