The Lacademinoans believe that aeons ago they were stupid and cowardly beasts. The god of honor and combat, challenged by the god of trickery and lies, was compelled to prove its might in areas other than fighting. Thus, the lacademinoans were siezed upon as an example and the god of might proved his power by turning them into a proud warrior people from the wretches they were. Thus, each new birth is seen as a gift from the God of Honor, therefore each death must be worthy of a gift to it.

Racial Abilities

Big: Lacademinoans stand almost 7 feet tall. They get a free d6 in strength and an additional 1 toughness.
Natural Weapons: The impressive horns that Lacademinoans sport are not just for show. They never count as an unarmed defender, and the horns deal Str+d6 damage. If the Lacademinoan can charge at least 6" in a straight line, they deal an additional +4 damage.
All Thumbs: Unlike most other races, the Lacademinoans only have 3 digits. This makes them clumsy when operating most technology: if they roll a 1 on their skill die when using a device, they break it, and they are always subject to a -2 penalty to repair rolls.
Racial Enemy: Lacademinoans have an ancient war with the Tethys that spans from history to the present with astonishingly few periods of peace. They take -4 to charisma when interacting with a Tethys.


Starseige: War in the Heavens Theroy