Minoan Legion


Like a seaside cliff, the Minoan Legion has long stood in defiance of a world that seeks to wear them down. They consider themselves the finest soldiers in The Heavens, and even those who have experienced the strength of the Jotun giants are hard-pressed to disagree. Embroiled in constant war by rule of law, the Legion is led by an Arch-General both on and off the battlefield. Sixty years ago, the Nyhnzyl Kingdom petitioned the Arch-General to join the royal family. To everyone but the Kingdom’s surprise, the leader of the fiercely independent legion agreed, joining the family and swearing fealty to the king as his new vassal.


The Legion functions exactly like a well-organized and regimented army. They are led by the Arch-General who commands all matters of Grand Strategy. Beneath him are two High Marshals which serve as his ‘Sword’ and ‘Shield’, governing matters of attack and defense. Beneath them serve a host of Captains, Sergeants, Corporals, Lieutenants, and Grunts. Beneath the army is a host of human slaves called Helots, which tend to the base services that the army requires to function. Famed for its Laissez-faire approach to governance, the Nyhnzyl Kingdom has allowed this system to persist untouched with the caveat that the Arch-General obey any orders of the King.


As a fierce martial culture, the Minoan Legion values discipline and honor above all else. They eschew finery or ostentatious displays and scorn pretensions and meaningless platitudes. They are plain-spoken and economical with words to a fault. Further, they dislike vanity in all its forms, from appearance to action. Thus, glory hounds in combat are as reviled as those anoint themselves in finery. Why craft medals and sigils to honor bravery when such acts always give birth to stories that remain exactly as well-known as the deed is worth?

Legion clothing and buildings are naturally austere as a consequence of this mindset. Legionares wear their padded underarmor dressings as casual wear, and don their well-maintained armor for formal occasions such as weddings, official functions, and battle.

Diplomatic Relations

  • The Legion is a vassal of the Nyhnzyl Kingdom and must marshal to battle as the Kingdom demands. Any enemy of the Kingdom is their Enemy, though they need not consider the allies of the Kingdom to be their allies as well. To this end, Minoan legions can be found on any battlefield where they Nyhnzyl Kingdom is at war.
  • The Legion is at war with the Republica Eliomaiossi formally at the behest of the Nyhnzyl Kingdom, but truthfully because they have always warred with the pompous fish and have no desire to cease. The vast majority of their armies are engaged in this conflict.
  • The Legion is quite hostile to the Undus Union, due to their land-theft and reckless harvesting of Eliunia’s resources. The delicate diplomatic balance between the Great Powers and their status as a vassal of the Nyhnzyl kingdom prevents them from declaring open war.
  • The Legion has very little in the way of foreign policy beyond these conflicts. Broadly speaking, they consider martial cultures to be worthy of respect and disdain mercantile, religious, or intellectual cultures – with special coldness and hatred reserved for the White Tiger Dynasty. Were it not for their shared status as vassals of the Kingdom, they would have declared war long ago.

Minoan Legion

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