No one is sure exactly where the Orcs came from. The earliest records of them stem from those ancient kingdoms who survived the first emergence of their pillaging warbands emerging from the remote wastes of the world. At those times the Orcs did not keep written records and later, after the First War, they rejected all traces of their past in favor of forging a glorious new people’s future as the Undus Union. Modern orcs are less savage and bloodthirsty than their ancestors, preferring to channel their fiery passions into productive work. It is an open secret that Orcs (and goblins) are spawned in huge fetid pools of eldrich slime, but nobody knows how the process began, and if the Orcs or goblins know, they aren’t telling.

Racial Abilities

Big: Orcs are large. They start with a d6 in their strength die and have an additional 1 toughness.
Relentless: In the ancient times, orcs were savage warriors that fought on through the fiercest of pain. In modern times, they leverage this relentless drive into tireless work for the people’s Union. They ignore 1 point of wound penalties.
Violent Nature: Despite turning their ambitions to industry rather than war, Orcs are still natural fighters and start with a free d6 in fighting.
Simple: Orcs can never raise their smarts higher than a d6.


Starseige: War in the Heavens Theroy