At first glance, a P’kash looks like a human bundled in coarse wrappings that drape to the ground and cover their face completely, leaving only a thin black slit where their eyes would be. They move with a strange rustling and clicking. The fabric itself is always wrapped in the same patterns of folds, and it’s possible to see strange patterns in the stitching. Beneath the wrappings, however, is not a person. In fact, the P’kash individual is actually a colony of buzzing arthropods one part locust, one part scarab. No one insect is the actual P’kash, rather they are a collective consciousness that arises from the unthinking actions of their swarm and channeled through the coarse silk casings that the insects themselves weave to contain them.

The P’kash people claim that the world of Sakkad used to be a bountiful and fertile world that the P’kash ruled in luxury. In their hubris, they consumed everything until the planet was nothing but desert, and now they live as servants to punish them for their arrogance and waste.

Racial Abilities

SwarmSoul: The P’kash use their bizarre physiology to achieve feats that border on spellcraft. They begin with a free Arcane Background (SwarmSoul), 25 power points, and 1 power of their choice with insect swarm trappings.
Uncalled For: Because they lack any real anatomy to speak of, the P’kash are immune to called shots.
Unhealing: There is no way to treat the wounds of a living swarm. P’kash characters can only recover injury by natural healing.
Unnerving: They’re made of insects and speak in a stacatto buzz. The P’kash take -2 to charisma when interacting with any race other than their own.


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