Republica Eliomaossi


Home to the only true democracies in the Universe, the Republica Eliomaiossi is an alliance of independent city-states that act as a single country. They are staunch rivals of the Minoan Legion and cultivators of an advanced culture of philosophy, enlightenment, and arts. 60 years ago they were conquered by the Triune Empire and converted into a colonial province. Now that the Empire is in chaos after the Invaders’ recent attack, they have seized the initiative to declare their freedom.


For the past six decades, the Republic has been under Triune control, and thus stripped of their sovereign democracy in favor of the Empire’s system of dictatorial governors. In the past year, however, a cascade of city-states have declared their independence and returned to their traditional democracies. Though each city has its own specific traditions, the general format is for a representative senate elected by the citizens to control all aspects of the government through subcommittees of specialized individuals.


The Republic considers itself to be the center of all refined culture: a view that was sorely shaken by the imposing might of their conquerors, the Triune Empire. But now that the Empire is shaken, a fierce surge of national and cultural pride has gripped the Republic and the arts are flourishing once more. Their trademark white coral amphitheaters and columned courts are once more filled with the hauntingly beautiful music that only an aquatic race can create. Philosophers and scholars once more churn out theories and lively debate amidst great libraries of rolled kelp.

There are few things more ostentatious than a well-regarded Eliomaiossi senator or philosopher in the full dress of their station. To symbolize their disdain of physical struggle in favor of refining the mind, they drape their bodies in bright streaming fans of colorful corals and billowing sea-spider silks. Soldiers are armed and armored in shell and razor corals. In contrast, the common citizen who must contribute their labor to society rather than their thoughts wears garments made of close-woven kelp that preserves their streamlined shape. The poorest of the poor have little more that wraps made of spun hagfish mucus.

Diplomatic Relations

  • Having just declared their independence, the Republic is in open war with The Triune Empire.
  • The Minoan Legion has declared war on the Republic once again on behalf of their masters in the Nyhnzyl Kingdom.

Republica Eliomaossi

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