Tethys legends claim they were spawned from the roiling foam that rose when the gods first filled the ocean, a claim supported by the astounding fact that when a Tethys dies, it dissolves into seafoam. New Tethys, similarly, are not born, but brought by an annual current to the Polis’.

Racial Abilities

Aquatic: Tethys are fully at home in the water. They cannot drown, they move at their full swimming skill speed, and receive a free d6 in swimming.
Graceful: Tethys can flow like a smooth stream and strike like a raging waterfall on land or in the sea. They begin with a d6 in agility instead of a d4.
Song of the Sea: Tethys have excellent hearing both in and out of the water. They get +2 to notice rolls involving hearing.
Lungless: Tethys have legs that can support them on land, but no way to breath the air. They can “hold their breath” on land as another race would in the water, but after that begin to “drown” in the air. Tethys can circumvent this weakness with a variety of water-re-breathers, but all known models require full immersion in water once every 24 hours to function.
Ancient Hatred: The Tethys have been at war with the Lacademinoans since the beginning of their history. They take -4 to charisma when interacting with the bovine brutes.


Starseige: War in the Heavens Theroy