The Triune Empire


Founded during the First War a mere century ago, the Triune Empire is a new civilization composed of ancient powers. The strongest kingdoms of Dwarves and Men, along with any elves that would join them, forged a bond in battle against the Invaders that has lasted to this day. They consider themselves to be the central power of all Amaligia, and they have the technological and cultural might to enforce that claim.


As its name suggests, the Triune Empire is ruled by a Triumvirate of Emperors.

  • High King Justavious IV is the human emperor of the kingdom. As humans are quick to act and easy to rally to a cause, he is lord of all executive function within the Empire. Enforcement of law, command of armies, and official diplomatic functions with foreign powers all fall to him.
  • Thane of Thanes Gorm Bjornson is the dwarvish emperor. The dwarvish penchant for structure and overplanning makes them natural overseers of the empire’s legislative functions. Writing laws, levying taxes, passing tarrifs, and setting quotas are within his power.
  • The elves have no emperor or government, but they endorse Tengwelialdu, who takes no titles, as their representative. The long lives and great wisdom of the elves makes this elf the lord of final judicial decisions within the empire. When a disputed case reaches the highest echelons of the nation, Tengwelialdu hears it. Further, when the other two emperors are at odds, this elf is the mediator and tie breaker.


The Triune Empire has been a rising star of a nation for its entire history. This constant pattern of increasing prestige and success, rarely marked by defeat or shame, has left many citizens confident in the Empire’s self-evident greatness. Common wisdom holds that the Empire is the greatest nation in the Heavens, a point that often needles at foreign expats. However, the recent catostrophic attack on Amaligian soil from Invader terrorists has shaken that confidence, leading many feeling insecure and a desire to lash out.

Because the Empire is a melting pot of human, dwarvish, and elvish culture, its citizens wear a combination of tunics, waistcoats, gambesons, gowns, and jackets. Empiric pride is manifested in the soaring arches, pillars, and monuments that brazenly assert the ascendancy of the Empire.

Diplomatic Relations

  • While the Triune Empire is a new and rising nation, they respect the traditions and history of the ancient Nyhnzyl Kingdom. Their old alliance with the kingdom against the Invaders in the First War is still fresh in the minds of many even a century later, and most citizens and officials hold goodwill towards the Kingdom because of it.
  • The Triune Empire considers the Synnodia Theocracy to be a troublesome luddite cult, but keeps relations cordial despite their aggressive missionary policies due to their supporting role in the First War.
  • The Empire considers the Undus Union’s policy of rapid expansion and general disdain for diplomatic negotiation to be highly threatening. The two powers are locked in a Cold War.
  • Triune Empire officials still bear a grudge against the Distruzi Corporation for presuming themselves equal to a nation.
  • The Triune Empire and the Quetzin Confederation have been at war since first contact.

The Triune Empire

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