Nassitauq ledgends suggest that trolls were formed when lightning split a huge stone into dozens of fragments that became trolls. Jotun legends state that Trolls are rotten, curling trees that have begun to walk. The trolls themselves don’t hold an opinion on the matter. As far as they’re concerned, they were born when the troll before them lost a head and it fell to the earth to regrow into a new troll, same as the one before them and the one before them and the one before them, etc. Unlike any other race, they have multiple heads. Only the middle head is independent, however: the others only copy what it does and repeat the occasional word. If a head is knocked off, it becomes a new troll within a week.

Racial Abilities

Reach: Trolls have arms so long that they drag on the ground when they walk, giving them a natural reach of 1".
Fast Regeneration: Trolls make a natural healing roll every round and get +2 to spirit rolls to recover from shaken.
Weakness: Heads: While wounds to a trolls body heal quickly, their heads require a week to regrow. If a troll is wounded from a called shot to one of its heads, the head falls off and the wound cannot be healed by their regeneration roll.
Big Nose: Their huge snouts and multiple heads allow trolls to detect and pinpoint very faint odors. They get +2 to notice rolls involving smell.
Pyrophobia: No troll knows why, but all have a deep-seated irrational fear of fire. Trolls take -2 to all trait rolls in the presence of an open flame. If a troll takes a wound from fire, they must make a spirit roll or become panicked.
Extremely Ugly: Trolls are widely considered the most hideous things that anyone could have the misfortune of talking to. Additionally, they smell bad. Trolls have -2 charisma when interacting with anyone outside their own race.


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